Diamonds In The Rough

Bill Hitchcock

diamonds2Diamonds In The Rough
“Why buy real estate now?” and “Is now a good time to buy land?” are probably the most common questions asked.
The answer of course is “Yes”. It’s always yes and here’s why.
Although markets go up and markets go down-Individual opportunities to buy real estate are always present. Most people take the shotgun approach to real estate and do not look at it in a target specific fashion.
Here is the real issue about understanding a market and where it is. You can only look from today backwards. You can only see what has happened to determine where you are at this moment and by then-It’s too late. The market has pressed forward and changed.

Don’t let an entire market place be your guide. Look for specific opportunities within a given market place. Like diamonds in the rough- opportunities are always there to be found.


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