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Watch the Video of Inner Banks

See the video that showcases over 3,000 miles of coastline along North Carolina’s Inner Banks. The Inner Banks-untainted, untarnished, and virtually untouched ever since the original settlers arrived here 100’s of years ago. It is home to world class fishing, golf, boating & wildlife.

You’ll also find out about Inner Banks Living, a land development company with properties covering the entire Inner Banks of North Carolina. Inner Banks Living is not a real estate agency but a solutions company. We solve the problem of over-priced real estate and lack of prime locations.

Watch the video to discover the Inner Banks of North Carolina and to find out how Inner Banks Living can make it all happen for you.


Mike Olexa Discusses Successful Real Estate Purchases

Mike Olexa with Inner Banks Living is a successful real estate investor and developer.
In this exclusive video interview Mike discusses some of the things he looks for when purchasing real estate.


The Preserve in the Making

Rarely do you get a chance to see a new waterfront community in the making!
In this video you’ll get to see Inner Bank’s Living subdivision, “The Preserve” in the beginning stages of development. Videotaped on location for the television program, Crystal Coast Real Estate Television , Mike Olexa of Inner Banks Living and Gary Jones, general contractor give us a walking tour of “The Preserve” as the excavators start, “moving dirt”.


Concrete Docks at The Preserve

Inner Banks Living employed advanced technologies and engineering in building state of the art docks at the Preserve.
Videotaped on location in 2008, watch as B.F. Construction showcases this docking system made of concrete and rebar.



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