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See the video that showcases over 3,000 miles of coastline along North Carolina’s Inner Banks. The Inner Banks-untainted, untarnished, and virtually untouched ever since the original settlers arrived here 100’s of years ago. It is home to world class fishing, golf, boating & wildlife.

You’ll also find out about Inner Banks Living, a land development company with properties covering the entire Inner Banks of North Carolina. Inner Banks Living is not a real estate agency but a solutions company. We solve the problem of over-priced real estate and lack of prime locations.
Watch the video to discover the Inner Banks of North Carolina and to find out how Inner Banks Living can make it all happen for you.

Our Waterfront Properties For Sale

Inner Banks Living is committed to purchasing, improving and then offering to our customers the best possible property the market has to offer, at below market prices. Inner Banks Living will purchase the highest quality property at the least expensive price available.
This property is then divided into estate sized properties while maintaining the natural beauty and qualities of the land.

By purchasing at the lowest price possible we are able to price our properties at below market values and give you the opportunity to purchase at “ground floor” prices and save thousands over resell and brokered properties. Our properties are as diverse as they are widely located.


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